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Costa Edutainment, based in Genoa, is the leading operator of major public and private

centres dedicated to cultural, educational and leisure activities and scientific research.

It runs important attractions of international renown, from Genoa Aquarium and Cattolica Aquarium to Aquafan and Oltremare Park in Riccione and Rimini’s Italia in   Miniatura.

Opera Laboratori manages a spectrum of excellent brands in the creative, culturalentertainment, media production and museum services sectors and in the organisation of
corporate, private and public cultural events and exhibitions

These two great Italian enterprises have joined forces to introduce a new take on travel,  in the form of Incoming Liguria/C-Way. This fully fledged tour operator has a wide range of destinations throughout Italy and considerable experience in edutainment. The company is firmly focused on its target market, with a mission to offer travel that enriches, through unforgettable holidays that respect the destinations and their values and are filled with opportunities to discover their history and art, their traditions and settings

C-Way listens to the customer, teases out their expectations,  and crafts a personal package tailored to their desires, built around what they expect from a holiday while embracing the values of edutainment and respecting local traditions.



Incoming Liguria emerged in 1992 as a tour operator specialized in tour packages in the Liguria region.

Our pioneering edutainment philosophy is at the heart of everything we   do.

Through our close partnership with Genoa Aquarium, a real magnet for tourism in the city, we have contributed significantly to tourism growth in Genoa and Liguria.

The C-Way brand now extends this offering to the whole of Italy.



Art, Culture and Nature combine with fun and entertainment to give our customers   a rich edutainment experience: education that entertains, entertainment that educates.100 destinations, Italy at its best.

Each year, these places host nearly 18 million visitors from across the globe in a whirl of memorable travel experiences. From the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to the Ca’ D’Oro in Venice, or the Royal Palace in Caserta, the Genoa Aquarium, from the Archeological area in Pompei to the Duomo complex in Siena and many others.

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The wonder of finding yourself face   to face with the immortal masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Caravaggio. Be drawn into the immensity of art, the great beauty before your eyes, and the extraordinary sensations it brings. But beauty, in Italy, truly is wherever you care to look: the lyrical landscapes of centuries-old vineyards draped across rolling hills, the breathtaking paths with panoramic views over the sea, the web of splendid canals weaving among historic mansions, and the wave-lapped, sun-kissed, jagged, ragged coastlines. Savour the work of art by Mother  Nature.

HAVE IT MADE – We can make your dreams come true. We can let you experience the true essence of travel: to learn more about   yourself. We can – and we would love to – find your perfect dream location, tailored to your specific needs! We plan our journeys around your tastes and interests – and your budget.

TRY THE THRILL – If you’re looking for an adventure to make your pulse race, we have a huge range of spine-tingling experiences in store. Put us to the test … by putting yourself to the test!

LIVE IT LIVE –  Italy has such a great variety of important events that you will be quite spoiled for choice. Whether sport, ballet or opera are your bag, every week has something exciting lined up all around the  country!

Whatever your passion, you can indulge it with us.

FELL THE MOOD – There’s only one way to experience a place deeply and intensely: being    there.

Experiencing the peerless atmosphere of Italy’s most famous cities is a joy for the senses. Fill your eyes with their beauty, breathe in their fragrance, savour their flavours, touch their treasures, and listen to all their sounds and voices.



Talk to us. Our team of professional specialists, composed of people with over 15 years in the business, is at your service. They are not just voices but names and faces that you will get to know day by day. Their reliable expertise will be the ideal back-up that enables you to create your travel.


Your precious, personal direct contact, not just to  finalise  bookings  but also to pick their brains for in-depth advice and   information.

 It’s much more than a call center, much better than a call center.


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